ONB Files: Rogers Electric


Definitely some of my favourite jobs over the last couple years have been on the road with Opportunities NB. Working on ad campaigns and doing factory visits all around the province is the kind of work I love doing. Especially the industrial stuff. Definitely my all time fave. Maybe it’s because I grew up a hillbilly (well I still kinda am) and I’ve always been around machines of some sort, and usually working on/breaking some of my own. Any chance I get to check things out behind the scenes and work with skilled trades people I’m usually pretty stoked.

A while back we travelled to Bathurst to work with Todd Morrison at Rogers Electric and Machine, check out the new shop, and get some shots for what would later be a series of ads going out in the Maritime Edit and YFC International Airport. Check out a few of the images below for a quick glimpse from our visit, and stay tuned for a new series of updates from the ONB files.


All images copyright Bang-On Photography