Kill Chicago


It’s so awesome seeing these images still floating around out there for all of Kill Chicago’s marketing material etc. Was such a solid day working with these guys. Total pros for sure. And seeing how they’re about to release their newest album “The Fix”, I figured it would be a decent time to put up a bunch of my faves from this shoot.  Epic times, epic dudes. 

Left to right: Greg Webber, Dillon Anthony, Matt Bowie, and Zach Atkinson.

The funny thing about band photos however, is that I rarely ever get to do them. I know. You’d think that working with musicians on the regular would be a given for me. Especially seeing how I play in bands myself, and my work space here at the studio literally doubles as our jam space/recording studio/rock venue when we finish up our days here. But I think a lot of the time I get pretty tangled up in ad campaigns and corporate work and forget to reel things back in once in a while and focus on anything else. I mean part of it too is that bands don’t often have the budget for professional photos, or at least they don’t think they do. And part of it is because at the end of the day most bands (mine included) really just wanna play rock and roll, so the focus on promo stuff ends up going even further down the to-do list.

Left to right: Matt Bowie, Dillon Anthony, Zach Atkinson, and Greg Webber.

Left to right: Matt Bowie, Dillon Anthony, Zach Atkinson, and Greg Webber.

All that being said however, band photos are definitely one of my favourite things to shoot when they do come up. Getting to experiment more off the page and just straight up try things out is what I actually love doing, so it usually lines up pretty good that way when I’m working with musicians. And I mean frig, hanging out and having sips with some of my favourite people, talking about riffage, and being able to create some killer images at the same time is a pretty sweet gig at the end of the day.  Man, I love my job!

Check out the gallery below for a bunch of images from the shoot, and check out Kill Chicago at

- Chris