NBCC: Phase Two

Bang-On Photography-NBCC-Fredericton-Miramichi-Woodstock-8.jpg

We finished up the second phase of our project with the crew at NBCC this week, and this one is definitely my favourite so far…huge fan of working with the industrial stuff!  Plenty to do at all six campuses that's for sure, but we were pretty much ready to sign up for the heavy equipment operators course after being there for that one.  Just looked like way too much fun!

Check out some of the highlights below from NBCC Woodstock, Miramichi, and Fredericton campuses!

NBCC: Phase One


This summer we travelled around with the crew at NBCC to work on the huge project of re-doing all of their stock images for use in brochures, websites, and marketing material.  It was an awesome job, and I can't believe how much they have going on throughout all six campuses!  Was probably the funnest job of the summer for sure!  Here's some of the highlights of phase one from Moncton, Saint John, and St. Andrews