Mad Skills

I'm usually pretty stoked, to say the least, whenever we get to work in the trades.  Understanding where things come from and the skills needed to fix pretty much everything in the world is something that is often taken for granted, so getting the inside scoop on how things happen is something that I generally get pretty excited about.  And having worked with NBCC on image libraries from all over the province and marketing material for their view books and roadside billboards (check out more of that stuff here), we definitely get to see a lot from the inside out.  This year NBCC Moncton was a host for Skills Canada's National Skilled Trades and Technology Week, and held a demo on the final day for high school students and others to experience some hands on time in a few of the programs.  Was a pretty awesome day overall, and cool to see everyone get so involved and excited about the different tools and trade demos that were on the go.  Check out the photos below for some highlights from the last day of the event, and click here for info on the upcoming Skills Canada National Competition being held in June at the Moncton Coliseum…should be quite a time!

Killin' It, with Mark de Jonge

When I talked to Mark last week he had just finished training in France, and was sitting in Milan, Italy getting ready to compete for another World Championship.  He's already got one of these under his belt, along with a Gold Medal at the Pan-Am Games last month, a current K1 200m world record, and an Olympic Bronze Medal to his name.  Now with another World Championship in the books over the weekend, he's getting things set for the Nationals back in Ottawa, and on to Olympic Testing in Rio de Janeiro to get ready for a run at the Olympics in 2016.  Not exactly sure how this guy ever has time to put a suit on, but luckily I caught up with him in between travels to get some images for his crew at Stantec as they were putting together a story for their employee magazine, Spark.  He's got a pretty good gig that's for sure!  Check out the story below, and some highlights from the shoot as we got to spend a bit of time on the water at the Maskwa Aquatic Club, and then off to do some fancy ones at the new Stantec office in Halifax.

Learn more about Mark at, and read up a bit more about his work with Stantec in the story below.

Story on Mark de Jonge featured in Stantec's employee magazine, Spark.

Totally down with Optometry

A while back, we worked on some new marketing material for the crew at Downtown Optometry Clinic in Fredericton NB, and I guess I really had no idea what all goes on in there till we got behind the scenes and watched them go to it.  My eyes have always worked pretty good, so I've never really had much reason to hang around these places.  They did however try to talk me into getting an eye exam with their fancy laser beam machinery, but I haven't caved in yet…soon enough I'm sure!  Chantal was pretty stoked on a few pair they had in the showroom though, so they got one of us for sure!

Had a blast working with this crew, and they certainly have a nice place to hang out at!  Check out the photos below to get a bit of a tour, and stop in to see them if you're in the market!

For a good time, call Lori Clarke!

Seriously though, I had a friggin blast working with this girl!  Just finishing up the photos for her new website ( which is about to launch later this week, and it made things that much better to have someone entertaining to work with the entire time…she's definitely a character!  Check out some of the photos below to see what she does best, and check in with her at Lori Clarke Interiors if you need someone to help you change things up a little bit!  Trust me, she's the goods!

And stay tuned for her new website from the crew at Gusto Web/Ginger Design coming right up!

Field Days

Just getting ready to do some more work with the UNB Track and Field/Cross Country team next weekend and thought it would be a good time to hype things up and show some highlights from the last Cross Country event we did here at Odell Park.  Working with athletes is easily my favourite part of this job, and it's usually a pretty good reminder to maybe lay off the chips and probably the wine once in a while too…these guys are friggin solid!  Check out the photos below to see how things went down in the park!

In the name of Rock and Roll!

Been going through some old live band photos that we've shot over the last couple years or so that for one reason or another, many of them have never actually made it to the website.  Not really sure why that is, but I figure in the name of rock and roll, I should probably put some of this stuff up!  Definitely haven't gotten out to shoot live stuff very often, but love doing it when the right one comes along!  Check out some of these shredders!