Mad Skills

I'm usually pretty stoked, to say the least, whenever we get to work in the trades.  Understanding where things come from and the skills needed to fix pretty much everything in the world is something that is often taken for granted, so getting the inside scoop on how things happen is something that I generally get pretty excited about.  And having worked with NBCC on image libraries from all over the province and marketing material for their view books and roadside billboards (check out more of that stuff here), we definitely get to see a lot from the inside out.  This year NBCC Moncton was a host for Skills Canada's National Skilled Trades and Technology Week, and held a demo on the final day for high school students and others to experience some hands on time in a few of the programs.  Was a pretty awesome day overall, and cool to see everyone get so involved and excited about the different tools and trade demos that were on the go.  Check out the photos below for some highlights from the last day of the event, and click here for info on the upcoming Skills Canada National Competition being held in June at the Moncton Coliseum…should be quite a time!

In the name of Rock and Roll!

Been going through some old live band photos that we've shot over the last couple years or so that for one reason or another, many of them have never actually made it to the website.  Not really sure why that is, but I figure in the name of rock and roll, I should probably put some of this stuff up!  Definitely haven't gotten out to shoot live stuff very often, but love doing it when the right one comes along!  Check out some of these shredders!

Sexy Time!

Getting through the gallery updates this week, and decided to start with our Sexy section to get things rolling!  Check out the photos below for some of our newest stuff, and give us a shout if you're interested in adding to the mix!

Mr. Rogers

We recently started working with Rogers Communications on some new commercial shots for their 2014 marketing material, and stirred things up pretty good at the Moncton office when we set up all our gear in the middle of everyone's workspace…definitely got some attention that day!  These guys were into it though that's for sure, and we ended up nominating our own "Mr. Rogers" on account of how amped this last fella was to be a part of it!

We even came home to the quote "you guys are legends!" which feels pretty good coming from these guys…looking forward to the next one!

Weddings Update

So we're in the middle of updating our new wedding gallery on the website and realized that we've got waaaay more photos to get through than we thought!  Turns out we do a ton of weddings, so this is going to be a big one!  In the meantime, here's a few previews from some of our latest, and you can check out our current galleries by clicking here!

Stay tuned for a full update in the coming weeks!

NBCC: Phase One


This summer we travelled around with the crew at NBCC to work on the huge project of re-doing all of their stock images for use in brochures, websites, and marketing material.  It was an awesome job, and I can't believe how much they have going on throughout all six campuses!  Was probably the funnest job of the summer for sure!  Here's some of the highlights of phase one from Moncton, Saint John, and St. Andrews