For a good time, call Lori Clarke!

Seriously though, I had a friggin blast working with this girl!  Just finishing up the photos for her new website ( which is about to launch later this week, and it made things that much better to have someone entertaining to work with the entire time…she's definitely a character!  Check out some of the photos below to see what she does best, and check in with her at Lori Clarke Interiors if you need someone to help you change things up a little bit!  Trust me, she's the goods!

And stay tuned for her new website from the crew at Gusto Web/Ginger Design coming right up!

Field Days

Just getting ready to do some more work with the UNB Track and Field/Cross Country team next weekend and thought it would be a good time to hype things up and show some highlights from the last Cross Country event we did here at Odell Park.  Working with athletes is easily my favourite part of this job, and it's usually a pretty good reminder to maybe lay off the chips and probably the wine once in a while too…these guys are friggin solid!  Check out the photos below to see how things went down in the park!

In the name of Rock and Roll!

Been going through some old live band photos that we've shot over the last couple years or so that for one reason or another, many of them have never actually made it to the website.  Not really sure why that is, but I figure in the name of rock and roll, I should probably put some of this stuff up!  Definitely haven't gotten out to shoot live stuff very often, but love doing it when the right one comes along!  Check out some of these shredders!

Amy and Ally

What can we say about Amy and Ally other than they're an absolute blast to work with!  Open up a bottle of wine, get the tunes going, and do handstands and backflips for a couple hours or so.  Pretty fun job!

This is our second time working with YogaGrow, and this time at the new location on King St.  Bigger, better, and for us, an amazing place to shoot!  We've actually been visiting them quite frequently since they started at the new spot, and I can honestly say I've never had a better experience.  If you're down for stretching yourself out, then definitely drop in to visit these two and enjoy their way of doing things…trust me, you'll be better for it!

Weddings: Jill and Jordan

Good times with good people makes our job a lot easier that's for sure, and hangin' with these guys all day was a perfect example of just that!  Check out the photos below for some highlights from yet another perfectly smooth wedding day in downtown Fredericton…

Hangin' out at Vault 29

We're currently working on a project for Vault 29 while they're getting some photos gathered up for their new website with our buds at Ginger Design.  Been a lot of fun so far, and everyone seems to be having a good time, although things get pretty hectic over there when it's go time…these guys are busy!!  If you haven't been there before, it's totally worth checking out as the atmosphere is great and the staff seem to be having a good time, not to mention it's one of the nicest spots in downtown Fredericton!  Check out some of the photos from our visit below, and stay tuned for and update on their new website coming right up!