White Lotus Tattoo

Chain Reaction

Whenever we do a job with Adam Grant and the crew from White Lotus Tattoo, we can usually guarantee it's something we've never done before.  And more often than not, it gets a pretty good reaction from anyone checking us out.  This time Adam's idea was to chain some legs together which, as usual, sounded like a wicked idea to us!  Check out the photos below to see how things went down...

String Fingers

We just finished another interesting piercing job with Adam Grant from White Lotus Tattoo, and as usual, he never seems to disappoint us!  Check out the photos below to see how things come together in his world...


Chantal-Arseneau-Bang-On-Photography-Fredericton-Moncton-Saint John-Quebec City-8.jpg

When Adam from White Lotus says "I've got a project for ya" it's usually pretty interesting, and this one certainly did not disappoint!  We've shot a few with him in the past, but had yet to see someone get their mouth sewn shut…that's just friggin bad ass!  Check out the photos below to see how this one came together, and click here to check out some of the previous projects we've done with the White Lotus crew in our "Sexy" section