UNB Track and Field

Field Days

Just getting ready to do some more work with the UNB Track and Field/Cross Country team next weekend and thought it would be a good time to hype things up and show some highlights from the last Cross Country event we did here at Odell Park.  Working with athletes is easily my favourite part of this job, and it's usually a pretty good reminder to maybe lay off the chips and probably the wine once in a while too…these guys are friggin solid!  Check out the photos below to see how things went down in the park!

Track Time!

Here's a few highlights from our latest visit with the UNB Track and Field team at the 2014 New Brunswick Indoor Track and Field Championships.  Solid performance from the crew for sure, as they were picking up the top spots all day!  Keep track of these guys on their Facebook page here, and check back in to our Blog for frequent updates as the year progresses…can't wait for the outdoor stuff!  

UNB Track and Field - Day 1

Bang-On Photography-UNB Track and Field-Fredericton-Saint John-9.jpg

We started working with UNB Track and Field on some new marketing material for the team, and I can't say enough about how much fun this kind of work is.  Can't beat working with athletes, especially when they look this good!

Check out the photos below for a few previews from day 1, and check back for frequent updates as we'll be joining the team again for a few more in the upcoming weeks…say tuned!