Saint John

In the name of Rock and Roll!

Been going through some old live band photos that we've shot over the last couple years or so that for one reason or another, many of them have never actually made it to the website.  Not really sure why that is, but I figure in the name of rock and roll, I should probably put some of this stuff up!  Definitely haven't gotten out to shoot live stuff very often, but love doing it when the right one comes along!  Check out some of these shredders!

Sexy Time!

Getting through the gallery updates this week, and decided to start with our Sexy section to get things rolling!  Check out the photos below for some of our newest stuff, and give us a shout if you're interested in adding to the mix!

The Waking Night - Peppers Pub

We dropped in to see The Waking Night at Peppers Pub in Saint John a couple weeks back, and got some more solid ones to add to the mix…check em out below!  And make sure to stop by and check out some of their tunes while you're at it by clicking here!

Weddings Update

So we're in the middle of updating our new wedding gallery on the website and realized that we've got waaaay more photos to get through than we thought!  Turns out we do a ton of weddings, so this is going to be a big one!  In the meantime, here's a few previews from some of our latest, and you can check out our current galleries by clicking here!

Stay tuned for a full update in the coming weeks!

Livingston Knows How It's Done


We travelled to Saint John, NB once again for a job with Stantec to shoot a feature story with one of their employees in the latest "Spark" magazine.  We couldn't have picked a worse day for weather, but with tight deadlines, we all made it work and ended up with another rock solid shoot!  Rochelle's dog Livingston (who she adopted from the Animal Rescue League) was easily the most chilled out fella we had ever met, and was totally game for whatever we had in mind!  Check out the images below for some of the highlights of the day, and head over to Stantec's website for more info on what they're all about...

Track Time!

Here's a few highlights from our latest visit with the UNB Track and Field team at the 2014 New Brunswick Indoor Track and Field Championships.  Solid performance from the crew for sure, as they were picking up the top spots all day!  Keep track of these guys on their Facebook page here, and check back in to our Blog for frequent updates as the year progresses…can't wait for the outdoor stuff!