UNB Track and Field - Day 1

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We started working with UNB Track and Field on some new marketing material for the team, and I can't say enough about how much fun this kind of work is.  Can't beat working with athletes, especially when they look this good!

Check out the photos below for a few previews from day 1, and check back for frequent updates as we'll be joining the team again for a few more in the upcoming weeks…say tuned!

Some People Like Snow

Bang-On Photography-Snocross-Fredericton-22.jpg

If you've listened to the radio at all lately, you'd swear an apocalypse had come to Atlantic Canada.  However, if you're from anywhere in rural New Brunswick, chances are that this is your favourite time of year…and especially this year!  The snow came early and there's tons of it, and there's no place better to play in this stuff than a trip to Muddy Mountain Off Road Park to check out a Snocross and Hill Climb!  Last time we were there we saw a few good cartwheels, some hoods come flying off, and a couple trees lost a bit of bark…but it was some wicked racing!  Make sure you check out the next round of ridiculousness coming up on Jan 25-26th!  Stop by their website for more info:

Weddings: Marc and Melanie

Bang-On Photography Weddings Fredericton-Moncton-Saint John-Quebec City-41.jpg

This was our first time shooting a wedding at the Richard Currie Center in Fredericton NB, and things actually couldn't have gone any better!  The lighting and layout in that place are awesome, and these guys were pretty much just amped to have a good time, so things fell into place like they always do!  Another wedding down with awesome clients, and awesome times!  Check out the photos below for a highlight reel of the day...


Chantal-Arseneau-Bang-On-Photography-Fredericton-Moncton-Saint John-Quebec City-8.jpg

When Adam from White Lotus says "I've got a project for ya" it's usually pretty interesting, and this one certainly did not disappoint!  We've shot a few with him in the past, but had yet to see someone get their mouth sewn shut…that's just friggin bad ass!  Check out the photos below to see how this one came together, and click here to check out some of the previous projects we've done with the White Lotus crew in our "Sexy" section

Good Chemistry


The Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering rolled through town recently for their 63rd annual conference and awards banquet held here in Fredericton NB.  We didn't know too much about these guys going in, but they asked us to stop by and document the final evening for them, where we soon learned that they are basically responsible for figuring out everything there is to figure out in the world.  

Feeling slightly out of our league for conversation, Chantal dove straight into "so where are you fellas from?" and things fell right into place for us as usual!  Was an awesome night of heartfelt speeches, high fives, a few laughs, and then the society's president decided to get up and jam out a few with the band…right on man!

The Cover Story


We recently dropped in on the crew at ET Mechanical to see what goes on behind the scenes, for a feature story they had coming up in "The Compass Magazine".  Surprisingly enough, everyone was already having a good time even though we started shooting way before the coffee had a chance to kick in…guess they get ready to rock pretty early over there!  The only casualty of the day was our gear bag that I decided to leave pretty much underneath the wheel of one of the trucks.  Somehow it rolled in between our 300mm lens, backup camera, and a couple flashes without a scratch…got lucky on that one!  All in all a good day, and we ended up with the cover story for the magazine…niiice!