New Brunswick

Mad Skills

I'm usually pretty stoked, to say the least, whenever we get to work in the trades.  Understanding where things come from and the skills needed to fix pretty much everything in the world is something that is often taken for granted, so getting the inside scoop on how things happen is something that I generally get pretty excited about.  And having worked with NBCC on image libraries from all over the province and marketing material for their view books and roadside billboards (check out more of that stuff here), we definitely get to see a lot from the inside out.  This year NBCC Moncton was a host for Skills Canada's National Skilled Trades and Technology Week, and held a demo on the final day for high school students and others to experience some hands on time in a few of the programs.  Was a pretty awesome day overall, and cool to see everyone get so involved and excited about the different tools and trade demos that were on the go.  Check out the photos below for some highlights from the last day of the event, and click here for info on the upcoming Skills Canada National Competition being held in June at the Moncton Coliseum…should be quite a time!

Family Roots

Gotta love Saltscapes for always putting us on these feel good Maritime stories!  This time we got to visit Carolyn and Allan VanDine, local bean growers from Red Bridge, NB, who have a long history of farming and family heritage in New Brunswick.  We had a super fun shoot with these folks as they gave us a tour of the old farm, talked us through their complete family history, and showed us how to sort out beans to get ready for the market…apparently the cat helps out too!

Check out the May/June issue of Saltscapes Magazine for the full story, and get a bit of farming history from New Brunswick in the process!

Weddings: Marc and Melanie

Bang-On Photography Weddings Fredericton-Moncton-Saint John-Quebec City-41.jpg

This was our first time shooting a wedding at the Richard Currie Center in Fredericton NB, and things actually couldn't have gone any better!  The lighting and layout in that place are awesome, and these guys were pretty much just amped to have a good time, so things fell into place like they always do!  Another wedding down with awesome clients, and awesome times!  Check out the photos below for a highlight reel of the day...

Rancho Relaxo


After being on the road pretty steady for the last month, it was awesome to be able to work with the gang at Broadleaf Guest Ranch right in the middle of it all, and get in some solid chill time in the process!  They put us up for the night, hooked us up with a killer lunch, and then showed us around the family farm where we pretty much just played with horses for the rest of the day…not a bad gig!  If you're in the Hopewell area and could use some down time, check these guys out for sure!

And look for a full story about these guys in the upcoming issue of Saltscapes Magazine…quite the family legacy they've built here!  Click on the photos below to open gallery...


Eat This!


We've been doing some work with Saltscapes Magazine lately which has been pretty fun so far, and has given us the opportunity to meet some great people and hear great stories about things that go on in and around Atlantic Canada.  The first story we got to work on was with Corey Nutrition Company, which come to find out, is an international pet food manufacturer based out of Fredericton that distributes their products all over the world!  Funny how you can drive by something pretty much every day, but have no idea what goes on in there!  Here's a few photos from our tour of the place, which ended up being featured in the March/April issue of Saltscapes…check em out!




It's always awesome when we get to cover something that we were going to check out anyway, and this time it was the Hillbilly Jubilee that took place at Muddy Mountain Off-Road Park in Burtt's Corner, NB.  We only had a couple hours to shoot as we had another job to cover in the afternoon, but managed to fire off a few good ones while we were there!  Check them out below...

And if you get a chance you'll definitely want to make it to some of their events this year, starting with next one coming up on May 4th and 5th…check out their website for details: