Muddy Mountain

Some People Like Snow

Bang-On Photography-Snocross-Fredericton-22.jpg

If you've listened to the radio at all lately, you'd swear an apocalypse had come to Atlantic Canada.  However, if you're from anywhere in rural New Brunswick, chances are that this is your favourite time of year…and especially this year!  The snow came early and there's tons of it, and there's no place better to play in this stuff than a trip to Muddy Mountain Off Road Park to check out a Snocross and Hill Climb!  Last time we were there we saw a few good cartwheels, some hoods come flying off, and a couple trees lost a bit of bark…but it was some wicked racing!  Make sure you check out the next round of ridiculousness coming up on Jan 25-26th!  Stop by their website for more info:



It's always awesome when we get to cover something that we were going to check out anyway, and this time it was the Hillbilly Jubilee that took place at Muddy Mountain Off-Road Park in Burtt's Corner, NB.  We only had a couple hours to shoot as we had another job to cover in the afternoon, but managed to fire off a few good ones while we were there!  Check them out below...

And if you get a chance you'll definitely want to make it to some of their events this year, starting with next one coming up on May 4th and 5th…check out their website for details: