Rock Solid!

Well we finally did it!  The long awaited (for us) launch of Bang-On Photography, and the merging of has finally come together!  

We have been hammering through this gig for a long time now, and advanced to a point where Chantal Arseneau Photography needed to expand into new territory in order to take it to the next level.  And that we did!  You'll notice as you go through the galleries and browse around the website that we've come a long way since 2008, and have expanded into so many different sides of the business that it was time to update the look and feel for everything we do...thus Bang-On Photography was born!  We've never really had a blog before either, so we're pretty stoked to be able to show people what we get up to around here!  And we should also take this opportunity to thank some talented folks like Brody LeBlanc and Jessi Roy for teaming up with us when we need them, Andrew Bedford from Ginger Design for putting up with most of our technical issues, and Courtney Wallace for helping us out with some killer Bang-On logos!

Needless to say, we're pretty amped right now!  So take some time to have a look through the site, browse the galleries for examples of previous work, and check back here for frequent updates of everything we've got going on!